Keep your phone charged at all times with Everpurse

How much can a woman do in a day? Household chores, official work, kids and family, constantly trying to keep up with trends and after all this is tackled we are expected to keep our phones charged too. Thank god for Everpurse, an inconspicuous handbag insert that doubles as a docking station for an iPhone or Android smartphone. Isn’t that the best thing ever? Besides filling up the tank on the Everpurse itself is easy just place it on the included charging mat and you’re sorted.

The marvels of Everpurse aren’t limited to its unassuming nature but also the fact that it takes your cellphone battery from 10 to 100 percent in 100 minutes. This 2500milliampere-hour battery is effortlessly sewn into the lining and stays out of sight. Sells for $129 in black, red, purple and orange colors.

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Everpurse Kickstarter from Everpurse on Vimeo.


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