Let it all hang out with the awesome Dick Towel


Anybody following the hit show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is probably already
familiar with the hilarious Dick Towel. For those who haven’t heard about it, well it is pretty
much what the name suggests – a towel with a huge, well, appendage on the front! Not for
the faint of heart, this towel is perfect for all of you out there who want to rebel against
those “oppressive” anti-exhibitionism laws! The Dick Towel has a cartoon image of your
backside showing from the back. The front is where the real action is! The front of the
towel has a cartoon member standing proudly! Each towel is reversible, so that you can
choose between big on one side and small on the other. Fool the girls on the beach with
your amazing “girth”, or wear the shrinkage with pride – either way this towel will be a
showstopper at any beach/pool party!

The Dick Towel comes in two versions – Black and White. Also available is the Girl Dick
Towel, which is a full body towel, which has cartoon drawings of all the girly parts on display
– nothing is left to the imagination. The Dick Towel retails for $20.

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[Available at : Dicktowel and Available at : Amazon]

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