Let your message reach the world through the light-up, write-on T shirt

Are you always cropping up with kinky ideas? Then why not turn your T-shirt into an everyday quote pad? The T-sketch T from trade site Thumbs Up gives you a good opportunity to let your artwork or message shine through by it’s ingenious new T-sketch featuring new tech that means the wipe-clean panel activates a glowing light beneath so anything drawn on it lights up. You can also adjust the flashing sequence to suit your preference and mood from a gentle light glow to a pulsing strobe. You thought the clothes of the woman on the sidewalk looked funny, then just write, “Get a life and also some clothes” I can already imagine the kind of fun I’d have with this one!

The Tee’s are powered by two AAA batteries and are available in both adult and kids sizes for $60 in the end of April.