Little Star Wars Costumes for little Darth Vader and Princess Leia

If you are a Star Wars fan, I pity your children if you come across these Little Star War Costumes. They are pretty much going to be forced to role play Darth Vader and Princess Leia. I personally think they can look quite cute, but I used to hate it when my parents would dress me up in uncomfortable costumes.The Princess Leia dress is adorable as it is robe style with a Velcro closure in the back and includes its own fleece headpiece, so your little girl need not have long locks. The Darth Vader costume is a romper a romper with underleg snap closure, plus a detachable cape (Velcro) and a helmet headpiece made from fleece. I don’t think Darth Vader has ever looked more cute. There are various sizes available. One neat touch is that the details on both are stitched and printed to the body of the costume. You can buy it for $20 here. So get geeky the Star Wars style!

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