Make your feet geeky and fun with LEG-GO Stilettos

Geeky, nerdy fashion is hot. Be it the Pac-Man Tank Dress or these LEG-GO Stilettos. In fact, these would go perfectly with the sexy tank dress. LEGO has been a part of every kid’s life and to see it nicely integrate into my adult life is great. Building blocks decorating stilettos is absolutely adorable. LEG-GO Stilettos are new for Spring 2011 from Finn Stone‘s new collection. I personally think that they will turn any outfit fun and playful. There’s no way your feet won’t be noticed when you strut around in them. Only 12 pairs will be made, so head over here quickly to buy them. They certainly look far more unique and quirky than normal heels. Who says geeky girls can;t be fashionable?