Marc Jacobs Rolls Royce Clutch costs $1095 for nothing!

I am a big Marc Jacobs fan. I have always loved his stuff and anyway its a great pleasure to own even one of them if you remember their pricing range correctly. So it feels a little sad and ‘unusual’ to write his bag off. The Marc Jacobs Rolls Royce Clutch makes me want to look at it a thousand times to believe its a Marc J product. It really doesn’t look like anything he has ever offered before (everyone makes mistakes!). I am not sure if you would even want to be seen with it unless you are so self-assured that you really don’t mind stepping out with orange pyjamas and a bubble-gum pink, so this Marc Jacobs Rolls Royce Clutch is just a piece of cake.

It is available to pre-order for $1095 at Saks Fifth Avenue. My advice to you, go for it if you are a Marc Jacobs and Rolls Royce fanatic with loads of money, who only cares about the brand name and nothing else. Otherwise, please stay seated and read on.
Via – Loadeshopper

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