Marks & Spencers push up bra adds two sizes

So a lot of women are not happy with their two most wanted assets. But they don’t have to worry anymore with the M&S bra that promises to boost cleavage by two sizes. Usually push up bras simply squeeze the breasts together, but this one creates an effect that makes them look bigger overall. The ‘Add 2 Cup Sizes’ bra features a super-light foam insert weighing half that of the gel pads used in other boosters. It also comes with convenient straps that can be crossed at the back to create ‘even more cleavage oomph’. There is no doubt that this bra is revolutionary. It’s going to go well with the Autumn fashion this year. A curvaceous body always compliments the ’50s look. It will be available in sizes from 32AA to 38C for $30. I’m certainly more impressed with this bra than the useless Rice Paddy Bra.