Miu Miu releases limited edition Fashion Week handbags


February is a month of fashion, and doesn’t Miu Miu know it! In recent seasons, Miu Miu’s enviable range of accessories has been quite a hit on all the runways, with anybody worth her salt in fashion sporting something from their collection. So this time, Miu Miu has taken it one step further, and designed a limited edition collection of handbags to celebrate the four most important international fashion weeks — New York, London, Milan and Paris. They have designed a whopping 46 vintage-inspired bags. Each one is hand-made in 17 different combinations of luxury materials including ostrich, python and crocodile mixed in with brocade, linen and sable. Each of the bags also comes with the cutest individual ID card. These bags are spectacular, and expected to fly off the shelves just like their predecessors.

Miu Miu’s exclusive line of limited edition Fashion Week bags are expected to range from $1500 to $2,800. The bags will arrive in the flagship stores in New York, London, Milan and Paris on the first day of each of their fashion week shows. Which means they are arriving in New York today itself! Hurry!

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  1. preowned handbags

    These bags are really so design able or also become the upcoming fashion of this year…It’s cost is also reasonable or also in budget….Really i likes all these colorful bags….

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