Paper Bag Jacket by Aki Goto: Eco-friendly fashion

So what do you do with your brown paper bags once you get home from the grocery store? Do they end up in the garbage can? Not anymore! Designer Aki Goto’s Paper Bag Jacket takes the concept of recycling to a whole new level. The New York based designer has unveiled a brown jacket made entirely out of old fabric and paper bags. However, to be honest, it does come across as quite a battered looking piece; rather than like an example of high fashion. This jacket is one of a kind, with only one piece having been made and up for sale. The process began with a size 8 vintage jacket, which was then covered with paper bags with the help of glue and varnish. Parts of the jacket are even held together by duct tape! The novel concept is garnering a lot of mixed reviews from different corners. While some are appreciating the concept, others can’t get over how tattered the jacket looks. For the money you will spend buying the creation, you should not have to look like something your cat went crazy on!

The Paper Bag Jacket by Aki Goto is one of a kind, with only a single piece in existence. Hence, you need to hurry to get your hands on this jacket if you fancy it. It is a size 8 unisex jacket, and retails for a whopping $480.

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[Available at: Unitedbamboo Via Ecouterre]

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