Pokéball apron adds a geeky zing to your kitchen garb


If you’ve liked the cute Pokéball Coaster Set, then I’m certain that you must have spent the last few months waiting for another Pokémon accessory to make its way into the market. The demands for Pokemon accessories grew so thunderous that a gentleman had to finally get down to design this cute little Pokéball apron for the absolute nerds cum kitchen trotters. It is so cute to look at, that I’d rather have that put up somewhere in my room and admire it everyday, than have it soiled as an apron. But nevertheless, the chances of the apron getting soiled are very bleak as the lightweight cotton blend fabric has been pre-shrunk and treated with ScotchGard fabric protector to help protect the apron from liquids. The Pokéball apron is available at Etsy for $40.

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