Power Pouch Sports Bra for fitness freaks


Workouts without music are like breathing without Oxygen…..This one is definitely for the females who are workout freaks as well as music addicts. For females, a sports bra is the most essential piece of clothing worn during a workout or competition. The Power Pouch is designed to provide incredible comfort, convenience, breathability and support. The pouch sits separately from the bra which makes it less annoying while you are working out.

Looks like a much better solution than hanging an iPod around the neck, having it flop all over the place, or strapped onto an arm, which could cut off circulation. Definitely the pouch can be used for many other things like keys, identification card, cell phone and other workout essentials, but music player makes it the best utility a fitness freak women can get which comes with a loop hole for headphones. Priced at $38, the Power Pouch Sports Bra from Gracie’s Gear is available in three styles (left to right), the Cami, Short Top and Long Tank.

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  1. Richy Raymond

    This is really good for womens that who want to listen music while working or exercising.  This pouch is really good to put iPod or mobile in it to listen the music and also good for carry this device in this pocket.

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