Sashay down the Aisle in an Edible Wedding Gown

Have you ever seen something so pretty that you actually felt like eating it up? I know girls feel like eating lipsticks sometimes because they smell so good, ok that’s not some girls I know but that is in fact me. Any ways the centre of the topic here is Juan Manuel Barrientos and his fully edible wedding gowns. Recently showcased the Colombiatex fashion show in Medellin, these wedding dresses is made of 2,000 sugar-glazed rose petals and champagne clothe. I don’t blame you for feeling awed as even the accessories like bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings are made of candy, and a bouquet made of edible flowers.

The broom surely has a lot of things to do and eat on his wedding night. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind all his friends and family nibbling on the beautiful fully-edible gown as it’s certainly not something he can gobble up in one night. As they say, the gowns are lip-smackingly gorgeous so is the bride…who is better, you decide!!!

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