Say Yes to the Official Twilight Collection Bella’s Engagement Ring

Remember when Edward goes down on one knee for Bella ( and every girl in the theatre screams yes in her mind, obviously mentally replacing Bella with themselves)? How many of you lovely ladies would like to steal that moment sans the beau of course. Edward Cullen may be off limits but the ring isn’t. The beautiful ring encrusted with shimmering gemstones is the engagement ring Edward presented Bella with in the Twilight series and it can dazzle on your fingers too. The stunning ring comes in two variations, a silver ring crafted out of .925 sterling silver enhanced by 1.00 carat of white topaz or a 14K white gold and diamonds version.

Silver or gold either way you will have your eternal moment akin to the most romantic moment of the most romantic saga of all times. The sterling silver and white topaz version sells for $150 whereas the 14K white gold and diamond version sells for $3300.

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[Available at Bed-Bath-And-Beyond]

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