Scratch these jeans and smell of Raspberry

Well, we can’t really tag anybody as laundry-averse if they don’t like washing their jeans, because they are meant to stay dirty and rugged. But the bad-odor emanating from the denims due to months of continuous use could make your girlfriend cringe her nose. A Naked & Famous denim company has recently released jeans with scratch n sniff technology that has a coating of micro capsules that release a Raspberry scent. The micro capsule scent is baked onto the surface of the dark, slim fit jeans and releases the scent every time it is scratched.

The Scratch n sniff jeans permeate the scent even after five washes. But I wonder why the denim company couldn’t think of a better (more manly) fragrance for a men’s denim. If you prefer smelling like raspberry tart than damp, foul rats then you could buy your pair from for $200.

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