Shake: The most perfect beach tote ever

Beach bags and totes have come a long way from the boring old oversized handbags of the past. Practical and modern beach bags like the Audio Wrap Beach bag and the Juice Bag Solar Beach Tote have revolutionized our weekend beach experience. However, the most annoying part about a trip to the beach is still the inexplicable way in which sand gets absolutely everywhere! Now you never have to worry about a filthy beach bag, thanks to the new Shake, a line of specialized beach bags. It features a special mesh bottom that works to filter out all the sand, while keeping all your items safe in the bag. The best part, this bag goes from beach to formal with just a flip of a cover. It features a reversible flap that allows you to reveal or conceal the netting according to the situation. The best part is that the makers have focused on much more than just the boring old tote. These innovative beach bags come in four styles – a compact clutch, backpack, and his & her totes.

The Shake beach bag is currently just a concept on Quirky. You can contribute to turning it into a reality by logging onto the website and posting you opinions on the product.

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[Via – Quirky]

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