Show off those neon beads with the Gumball Machine Dress

Style is not always about sophistication and sensibility. Real style is an accolade when you could look classy, even with the most eccentric of dressing choices. The Gumball Machine Dress from Etsy, easily falls in the category of ‘eccentric,’ as it features neon Gumball beads all over the bottom. In addition, a number of them are sewn into a clear plastic material near the middle of the dress. It’s a really fun and frivolous dress, but you need real panache to carry it off.

The Gumball Machine Dress could either look like an over-grown adult trying to look like a toddler, or a hot chick who likes to get naughty! It would have been really cool, if the dress, could dispense out real Gumballs out of the storage shaft! It is available in sizes from XS to XL for $135. Are you up for it?

[Available at Etsy via – Technabob]