Solar Buddy bag from Sakku is eco-friendly

Doing away with your daily mode of transport for the social cause of environmental balance might sound improbable for most of us at this point in time, but contribution at a diminutive level could be brought about with the help of an object as trivial as a solar bag. Solar bag maker, Sakku from Switzerland have added a new model to their wide range of Solar bags. It’s called ‘ Buddy’ and is composed of recycled sun umbrellas and shades as against old sails from sailing boats used in their previous models. The 100% environmentally sound power/fashion bags are composed of slightly different parts of an old sun shade, which assist in reducing the ever-accumulating human-rendered waste.

The sunshine ‘Buddy’ bags are available in two variants: the direct charges devices from the flexible solar panels and the ‘akku’ that comes with the rechargeable battery which allows continual storage of solar energy, each costing $275 and $384 respectively.(seems pricey for a recycled bag) Nevertheless, they’re all vibrant and lively, with enough potential to woo their customers. The Sun Buddy is soon to enter their US online store as well.