SOS Massage Jacket makes the World Comfort You

We come across wearable technology everyday and it does always manage to impress us. This time I wouldn’t use the word impress as that would be an understatement. What the SOS Jacket (Stress Outsourced System) does is sends out an anonymous SOS via the signaling module at the wrist whenever you feel stressed or down in the dumps. This is received by fellow users worldwide who can relive you of your stress by sending back a haptic response. By haptic response I mean a therapeutic full back and shoulder massage for the originator of the plea.

This is a great idea as it connects people from all over the world, each trying to comfort the other when needed most. SOS is a project of four female students, Peggy Chi, Keywon Chung, Xiao Xiao and Carnaven Chiu from MIT. Check out the prototype of the jacket to get floored.

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