SOS – Stress Outsourced: Concept clothing to help you relieve stress

Carnaven Chiu, Xiao Xiao, Keywon Chung, and Peggy Chi, all students at the MIT have developed a unique concept of interactive clothing that promises to help you get rid of stress. Known as SOS – Stress OutSourced, it is a peer-to-peer network that allows anonymous users or friends in social communities like Facebook or Twitter to send each other therapeutic massages to relieve stress. All you have to do when stressed is send a stress signal to other members from your group wearing the same SOS enabled jacket. The friends on receiving your stress signal will respond by sending back a haptic massage signal. There are also plans to develop a signal that will help send anonymous massages to the stressed person. Looking at such concepts makes me believe that the Jetson’s era is finally dawning upon us. This concept could be the pioneer for various other projects.

Definitely amazing, if developed and manufactured it would surely be a best seller.

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