Soundsuits: The wearable art pieces by Nick Cave are gorgeous

Art comes in many different shapes and sizes, in various forms, and made up of innumerable mediums. Chicago-based artist Nick Cave expresses himself most brilliantly in the form of his huge artistic wearables. While Cave’s work with quirky wearables is well-known, his latest work is exceptionally striking. He has created a new series called ‘Soundsuits’ for lille3000’s Fantastic 2012 Festival in France. The extravagant wearables include pieces that represent everything from rocket missiles to tree roots. The creations are meant to articulate the spirit of human movement through color, texture and sculpture. The artist makes his pieces with material collected from flea markets. He uses everything from buttons to stuffed animals, and all kinds of other little things. He constructs the pieces using special knotting techniques and armatures, while a webbing-like under structure supports the volume of material.

Nick Cave’s Soundsuits are more than just art pieces. They actually come to life, and interact with the audience by the medium of dance. If you want to check out some of Cave’s work in person, and happen to be in the vicinity of France within the next month, you can head over to lille3000’s Fantastic 2012 Festival, which will be on until 13th of January, 2013.


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