Spocks: The Spock faced socks you will just love


The dull generic and boring old socks are getting noticed like never before. Whether it is saving you life like with this Reflective cycling socks or just indulging your deepest geek fantasies like these Knockout Knee High Star Wars Socks, they are cooler than ever before; especially when true artists and socks geniuses go out of their way to create something as cool as the Spocks. If the name didn’t give it away, the “Spocks” are Star Trek’s Spock themed socks designed by Tides. The quirky pair features the side profile of Spock’s face, which means his iconic ears have a starring role on the socks. The bright blue, black and beige socks make the perfect accessory on a day out, at the library or even at the office – if you so dare!

The Spocks by Tide are now up for voting on Threadless. Your opinion could go a very long way in ensuring that the Spocks, which are currently just a design idea and concept, actually get made and sold so that you can get a pair of your own. Head on over to Threadless and vote for them. Check out some of the other fascinating designs while you are at it. Who thought socks could be so interesting?

[Available at Threadless via GeekyTyrant]