Star Wars Wedding Rings is impressively geekastic!

Han Solo is too materialist to say ‘I love you’. However, if you want to show some geek love to your partner, and Say ‘I do’ with the Star Wars Wedding Rings. These ridiculously beautiful wedding rings is a “His and hers sterling Silver Star Wars ring set. Her ring to have the Imperial Cog and Death Star, Death Star to be set with a Ruby and Have the words “I Love You”. His Ring to have the Jedi Symbol and the Death Star, Death Star to be set with a sapphire and have the words ‘ I Know”.

Star Wars Wedding Rings are two different sets of custom his and hers Star Wars weddings bands ($400 and up depending on the metal and stones used) designed by Etsy seller Swankmetalsmithing.

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[Available at Etsy] Via – Geekologie

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