Stella McCartney Itsy Bitsy Falabella Tote Made from her own Sheep

We love Stella McCartney, who doesn’t? The English designer known for her vegetarianism and love for animals has taken a slightly different route this time but without compromising on her work ethics. Her latest bag, The Itsy Bitsy, is made of wool but from her organic-run farm in the English countryside which keeps sheep that can be sheared without harm. It’s an awesome bag with tufted three dimensional textured panels and all this information makes it even more special to own. Another interesting trivia is that the bag is in fact named after two of the sheep, Itsy and Bitsy, that live on the farm.

The Stella McCartney Itsy Bitsy Falabella Tote comes in grey for $1990. It’s just the thing you need to look fabulous this season.

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