Stretchy picnic pants is functional fashion

You could conveniently count yourself in the ‘not fussy about manners’ category, and shy away from bringing a decent table at a picnic due to your own laziness. However, an Italian company called Acquacalda knows your weakness, for which they created a pair of denim Capri pants that feature a piece of fabric between the thighs. The goofy looking pants spread out with a flap when you sit cross legged, so it doubles as a plate. How thoughtful of them to even create a nice snug pocket on the outside of the thigh to hold a drink!

It is some impressive work on the part of Acquacalda to have created these functional pair of pants. But seriously, would you dare your way out with these pants? I definitely wouldn’t, for the fear of being asked if I am facing medical issues with my genitalia!

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[Product page via OhGizmo]

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