Style up your tech mates with GelaSkins

We’ve seen plenty of vinyl stickers in the past that featured metro cities, significant personalities or a simple design. But GelaSkin is way better than that, offering you a collection made up of exclusive art by unique artists (many out of which you haven’t heard of, but can certainly boast of) GelaSkin manufactures skins for your iPods, the Razr, Nintendo DS Lite, the PSP, Mac Laptops and certain PC laptops as well. With all the hype, it’s obvious that iPhone and iTouch also get their skin protectors with the only grievance being, that it fails to cover the sides of the iPhone. Not just that, the iPhones and iPod touch come with a code so you can download matching wallpaper to complete the package by logging onto, and if you decide to purchase the GelaSkin and the Gelascreen, you can also avail a discount of 40% on the set.

The quality of the GelaSkin is superior as it’s thicker than other vinyl stickers and the ‘sticky’ consistency is maintained irrespective of the times of reapplication. The GelaSkin for the iPhone retails for $15 and that for the MacBook sells for $30. A little pricey, no doubt, but it’s worth the stick!