T.Jacket Hugs and Heals Autistic Children


Autistic children need added comfort as simple things as loud noises and new faces distress them. T.Ware wants to aid these special kids as they have developed the T.Jacket to help these children, their parents, teachers and therapists. Though, in the past Lisa Fraser designed a BearHug Inflatable Vest for autistic kids, this new T.Jacket has an intelligent control unit is embedded within the T.Jacket which is controlled and monitored through a mobile device such as smart phone or tablet. Among autistic children, deep pressure therapy is a sensory-based intervention used by therapists to calm them and help them to better organise their sensory inputs. T. Jacket is said to offer a therapy management wearable solution for autistic children. It is a remote controlled jacket that will apply pressure whenever it is triggered, simulating a hug. The application of deep pressure on an autistic child experiencing an anxiety attack has a calming and caring affect.

T.Ware’s T.Jacket is aimed to be launched soon, not only at children with special needs, but everybody who yearns for a good bear hug!

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