TarDIS style Police Box accessories are funky and cool


If you’ve been an ardent Doctor Who Fan, you would have definitely loved the Tardis time machine and imagined being in it numerous times. While that could be a tad unlikely as of now, you will have to make do with just being a loyal fan. We’ve spotted three cool accessories which will allow you to wear your passion all over you and walk the streets. Etsy has come up with a beanie hat, Blue Fleece Dr Who fingerless gloves and a Crochet cell phone pouch, all of which feature a nice blue color and Police Box on it. The Fleece Dr Who Tardis beanie hat is sewn with windows and sports painted details as well as a crystal light on top. The gloves are also sewn with white windows and a large gold celestial crystal bead on top.

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The hand sewn crochet bag can be used to keep the cellphone or iPod case. All the three accessories are washable. You can now live your sci-fi dream at a costume party and gain some serious attention. The hat and gloves are priced at $20 each and the crochet bag retails for $9.

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