The Cassatchel Laptop Bag and iPad Sleeve

Some things about the past are just unforgettable. The world may have moved on to CDs, DVDs, USBs and other digital formats, but our heart lies with the good old cassettes. We all probably had those days when we walked around our neighborhoods with the big bulky Walkman’s, music blaring in our ears. The cool new Cassatchel Laptop Bag and iPad Sleeve is a fitting ode to those beautiful days. Auckland-based Bhavesh Bhuthadia has designed this case specifically in the cassette design to bring an analogue feel to your digital gadgets. It is not just some boring old printed bag, but the cassette forms the whole mold. It is made up of an interesting textile called impact foam, which can be molded to form any design. It has been covered with a hard nylon surface for durability. The best part of the case is that it is super-light, reducing shoulder-strain. The designs include a 15-inch bag, 13-inch bag, 10-inch sleeve (for tablets). They come in two colors currently – black and yellow.

The Cassatchel Laptop Bag and iPad Sleeve is currently a project on Kickstarter, and in the final prototype stage. Bhavesh promises that if they reach the goal $25000, they will add more details to the designs, and maybe even more colors. Show your support by pledging some amount towards the project. $45 gets you one sleeve in black. $50 gets you one Cassatchel in the size and color of your liking. Other higher pledges have similar attractive offers.

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