The Censorship Towel covers your naughty bits

Most of us secretly like a little naughtiness with photos, but not too much. So, we snap them up, or blur the private bits using software, to have a little fun with ourselves. However, if we’re unable to manage that, we end up spending the next few days worrying about the ‘leaked’ image doing the rounds. A simple Censorship Towel could wipe away the worries and the moisture too. The design concept is conceived by the Carmichael Collective, of Carmichael Lynch based in Minneapolis, MN.
Carmichael Collective goes by the tagline, “creativity for creativity’s sake”, so its pretty much justified if they haven’t decided to turn the concept into an actual product. The checkerboard-style pattern of the Censorship Towel that mimics the look of the traditionally censored photos, is quite easy to make our own with variety of skin tones. If you could manage to get some folks from ThinkGeek to make this cool towel for you, it’ll be pretty awesome!

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