The fashionable Post-it Notes, Pop-up Purse Dispenser

What will you do without post-it notes? These little miracles of practicality have made our lives easier by enabling quick and efficient communication, for decades now. You just have to have these around with you, be it your house or your office. Fashionistas will love this one-of-a-kind, playful purse-shaped post-it note dispenser. Not only does the Post-it Notes, Pop-up Purse Dispenser add a unique and stylish touch to any space, you can carry it around with you with pride. The convenient dispenser is made to look like the most fashionable purse, worthy enough to have been designed by one of your favorite designers. Its shape allows for one-hand dispensing. It is weighted, so that it always stands upright on your desk. It dispenses 3 x 3 pop-up notes. One pack includes a 50-sheet pad of alternating bright colored pop-up notes. We think this is absolutely perfect for offices in fashion houses, design stores, and boutiques.

The Post-it Notes, Pop-up Purse Dispenser is black in color, and features neon colored post-it notes. You can order and refill the “purse” once you are done. It is available for sale at Amazon for a price of $13.

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[Available at Amazon]