The Galactic Winter Boots: Out of this world fashion

This winter, as the temperature drops and the chill sets in, heat things up with your wardrobe. Sure, you are forced to wear huge bulky boots to save your toes from frostbite, but this doesn’t mean you have to be seen in any of those boring old boots. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous Galactic Winter Boots; you know you love them! Like something from out of space, these boots will take your ensemble to all new heights. They feature the most psychedelic-looking rainbow galaxy scene, in all the colors imaginable. The scene is hand-painted onto every boot specially, making each one unique. The designer uses special paint for her creations, which makes the galaxies and stars glow under black lights, and the stars glow in the dark too! It is truly like looking up at the night sky! The boots are made out of high quality genuine suede and feature a soft merino wool inner lining. The Etsy shop owner uses quality boots, Ukala by Emu boots, as the base for her creations, but is also open to using Uggs is you prefer.

The Galactic Winter Boots come in three sizes – 5, 7 or 8. These quirky stylish boots are available at Etsy for a price of $75.

[Available at Etsy]

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