The Gartered Leg Prosthetics make perfect Halloween accessories

Is it just me, or is this more exciting than any of the runway lineup that we have been seeing in recent times? Los Angeles-based special effects artist and illustrator Meaghan O’Keefe has created the Gartered Leg Prosthetics. It is a latex prosthetics kit, which makes your legs, look like the garters have ripped into them. Now this is what we call cutting edge fashion! (Forgive the bad pun). These garters are absolutely perfect for Halloween. But, why wait until then. Just throw a dinner party and shock your friends into almost throwing up their food. How much scarier will it be when they are not expecting it? Unfortunately you need a little artistic flair to make them convincing, as the prosthetics come unpainted. You have to buy your own paints and make-up. However, they do include detailed instructions about how to achieve the exact effect as in the photos.

The Gartered Leg Prosthetics kit comes with one pair of Gartered Legs, which include two unpainted latex prosthetics with two 2″ wide garters and two 5/8″ garter straps. The garters are 24″ long with a 5″ Velcro adjustment. You can order a bigger size by specifying your thigh circumference in the order. This ghastly horror prop retails for $40.

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[Available at Etsy via Laughingsquid]

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