The Lego Wedding Dress!

Modern brides are taking a whacky route. They are no longer dreaming about a Vera Wang or a Elizabeth Fillmore dress. Women of today want to wear something different and thoughtful like wedding dresses made of Bread clips, toilet paper, or even condoms! Taking heed of such different needs a Japanese designer Hosokai Rie, has created a dress that is every geek’s dream. She has created a wedding dress made entirely of LEGO bricks. Made for Tokyo’s “Piece of Peace” charity at the Parco museum, the dress is shaped and contoured like one of Hokosai’s “balloon” dresses. With help of these Lego bricks, Hosokai seeks to explore the theme of reconstruction in her work, and extend her knowledge.

The Lego Wedding Dress is indeed an incredible piece of art. Although it certainly seems as though it would be difficult to do much of anything while wearing that dress.

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[Via – Mtv]

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