The Like-A-Hug inflatable vest: The Facebook connected vest that gives you a hug

We have all had those days when we have felt all alone in the world, like your only friends were the virtual ones on your Facebook “friends” list. On these days, what wouldn’t you give for a warm hug from a caring friend. Alas! If only there was a way to convert your virtual friends into real ones. The closest we can get to achieving this is with the awesome Like-A-Hug vest. Created by Melissa Chow, Andy Payne and Phil Seaton from MIT, this inventive vest takes the idea of technological fashion to the next level. This inflatable vest will be connected to your Facebook account. Whenever someone “Likes” a photo, video or status update, the vest inflates inwards, which basically feels like getting a big ol’ hug! Best of all, you can even “hug” back by squeezing and deflating the vest.

The Like-A-Hug inflatable vest is just the kind of thing you need sometimes. Although, it doesn’t look like the most practical thing to have on, unless you live somewhere really cold. There is no word on whether the creative students have any plans to manufacture this commercially. But I bet if they got enough “likes” of their own, they would consider it.

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