The MIDI Controller Jacket by Machina lets you make music with your hands

Music is one thing that affects people the same way the world over. Whether loud and fast, or gentle and slow, music makes you move! What if there was something to turn the process upside down – something that turned your movements into music. The MIDI Controller Jacket by Mexico-based fashion and technology design team, Machina, promises to do just that! They have designed a new jacket outfitted with various sensors and transmitters that can be used in conjunction with your Smartphones and other devices to make music. It features three flexible membrane potentiometers on the sides, an accelerometer on the sleeve, a joystick and four pushbuttons. The best part, the open source code lets you modify and hack your jacket to make it do a bunch of things like make music, control video, even play games. Wearable technology has never been quite this much fun! The jacket can be extended to make it work not only with music, but with whichever devices you have: A Kinect, an iPod, Nike Plus.

The hand-made MIDI Controller Jacket by Machina is currently a project on Kickstarter, looking to raise $74,500. You can contribute to this by pledging some amount.

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[Available at Kickstarter] Via – Ecouterre

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