The Toddland Mustache Union Suit

I am confident; I have never before seen quite such a contradictory couple of concepts on the same piece of clothing! While mustaches, especially handlebar mustaches, are considered to be among the manliest things on earth, the same respect cannot be conferred upon long johns. The Toddland Mustache Union Suit has got to be the coolest piece of clothing we have seen in a long time. Guaranteeing the best night of sleep ever, this suit offers the baby-like comfort of a onesie while allowing you to delude yourself that you are a big strong manly man with its allover mustache print. It features full button down front and button flap on back side. This unisex suit is perfect for everyone to truly enjoy those cold winter nights. It is made out of a comfy blend of cotton and polyester. I don’t see many of you getting out of these for a few days once it is on your bodies!

The Toddland Mustache Union Suit comes in four sizes – SM (measuring 61″ long with a 33″ chest) to XL (measuring 68″ long with a 38″ chest.) it is available for purchase from Fredflare for the reasonable price of $48.

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[Available at Fredflare]