Timex Fingernail watch is unique and amazing


The size of various gadgets and devices is just growing smaller these days. Here is the latest device that has been reduced to the size of your fingernails. Timex and Core77 have collaborated to introduce one of the world’s smallest watches. Believe it or not, this unique, wearable gadget is a disposable timepiece designed to mould to your fingernail. This miniature wearable gadget won Timex’s 2154 The Future of Time Competition based on its innovative watch design. Since the nail watch has not been officially unveiled yet, there is not much information regarding its features and pricing. The display of this translucent watch includes the time, date, and AM/PM indictor, which appear in clear format until lit up. The watch becomes even more unique at night, as each design lights up in a different color when the tip of the fingernail watch is pressed. This watch will definitely be the smallest ever in the world to hit the markets.

A great way to make a style statement, this disposable watch is definitely a must have.

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