Video Earrings with 2.2-inch screen is an interactive accessory

Check out the most amazing accessory I’ve ever seen! The Video Earrings are perfect for every nerd-ette that wants to flaunt their videos through their earlobes. The 2.2-inch screens in form of earrings can play video formats and would be loaded and recharged via USB cable. These cool accessories can show videos as slide shows, screen savers, real homemade videos, family videos, music videos, advertisement videos, or professionally developed videos. Though, they are not as freaky as the ‘Third Ear’ Earring, but they will definitely turn some heads around. Developed by MJ Mclaren, these earrings are set in a carbon fiber frame, with simple volume and power buttons and built-in speakers. Well, isn’t it every girl’s dream to have a set of new earrings everyday? Maybe, this can help the ladies to flaunt a new screen everyday!

MJ Mclaren has set up an Indiegogo project in order to raise funds to produce the Video Earrings. The Video Earrings are being offered for only $50 and come with attachments of various lengths.

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video-earring video-earring-1 video-earring-2 video-earring-3 video-earring-5

[Available at Indiegogo Via Cnet]

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