Warm up this winter with the uber-cool Rainbow Wolf Full Animal Hood Hoodie Hat


Winter is just around the corner, and we can already feel the nip in the air. It is time to take sweaters and hoodies from the all the recesses of the cupboard. The problem with winter wear is that it doesn’t leave much room for individuality and style. The streets look like a sea of black and grey. Maybe it is time to add some color and personality in the mix; it is time for Rainbow Wolf Full Animal Hood Hoodie Hat! This weird piece of garment is like no other. It is basically a wolf hood with “claws” into which you can slip your hands. It provides three-in-one warmth as a combination of a hat, scarf and gloves. It is perfect for those mild days when you don’t need to be swaddled in heavy winterwear. And on really cold days, wear it on top of your sweater for added protection. Best of all, it is the most wild colorful rainbow hued piece, ensuring you will stand out wherever you go. The Faux fur is made from 100% acrylic with a fleece lining.

The Rainbow Wolf Full Animal Hood Hoodie Hat comes in only one size, but should fit most kids and adults. Check out some of the other exciting animal Hoodie Hats in more traditional colors including Panda, Leopard, Fox, Husky, Brown Bear, Polar Bear and Black Bear. The Rainbow Wolf retails for $25.

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