Waste‹Less jeans by Levi Strauss keeps you Stylish and Eco-friendly


Levi Strauss is going green and making sure all denim lovers follow. Rather unabashedly, Levi’s is announcing their jeans are made of garbage. That’s definitely gonna catch a lot of people’s attention and also benefit their green movement. The way of achieving this is by incorporating brown and green plastic bottles which are blended into each pair of Levi’s new Waste‹Less jeans. apparently, these Waste‹Less jeans are composed of at least 20 percent recycled plastic. Isn’t that the easiest way of doing your bit for our planet?

Waste‹Less denim collection, unveiled on Oct. 16 though this latest line of jeans arrives in stores only early next year. Till these gorgeous, made-of-garbage, pair of denims arrive wear and tear your current pair as thereafter there will be no turning back.

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