Would you care to sport the Double time watch and priceless time Bluetooth receiver?


We come across interesting concepts everyday and think, why wasn’t this thought of before? There are two such novel ideas that will astound you like nothing else and leave you with the same thought, why didn’t someone think about that earlier? The double time watch is extraordinary. It took me a long while to understand how it works but once you get it there is no looking at any other watch to tell time. It features segregated displays for hours and minutes. The deal lies in the hour and five minute blocks which are located in the same positions as numbers on a clock so the time can be read easily. It comes attached with the operation button and charging port at the sides of the case.

Another such interesting idea is the ‘priceless time’ concept. This Bluetooth receiver can be paired with your cell phone and you can answer calls, receive email or messages and notifications immediately. And you don’t even have to carry your cell phone. It’s gonna be accepted more like a fashion accessory than a gadget as you can also clip it to your shirt, jacket pocket or tie. This also makes it better than carrying around in your pocket. The time is displayed with lines in LCD and backlit with blue LED. It is made of metal with an acrylic screen. Let us know what you think of these two concepts and if you would care to sport them?
[TokyoFlash 1 & 2]

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