Yes that’s a Goldfish in Men’s Fish Tank Adult Platform Shoes

Gizmodiva gets a lot of dope for the divas but we don’t like to ignore the men. Getting some funky awesomeness back into the lives of men are Men’s Fish Tank Adult Platform Shoes. We know not many men sport platform shoes anymore but there no stopping the rebellious trend-setter is there? Walk down the street strutting your stuff the retro way sporting the hard-to-miss Men’s Fish Tank Adult Platform Shoes and show the world what a man with confidence in his pocket, fish in his shoes looks like. The pep speech ends here so does the convincing that these shoes would look good on you. They are novel and Makes a great costume addition for 70s costumes.

You will find a goldfish swimming in the heels and the shoes come in black, white and a snazzy animal print too. Sells for $62.99 – $69.99 only.

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[Available at Amazon] Via – 7gadgets

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