Look Cute in a Doraemon Face Mask

While the Uniface mask we featured a couple days ago freaked us and our readers too, the Doraemon Gore Roh Tan mask comes as a cute and refreshing change. You can transform..

Barbie’s Dream house gets a plush makeover!

After getting a lavish Coach makeover, Barbie is all set to upgrade her residence. The California girl, Barbie will officially be staying in Malibu. Over the past year, Barbie travelled the world..

The Denture Inspired iPhone 5 Case is hilarious

There is something oddly disturbing about dentures, especially when you see an old person play around with them. The clicking sound they make, the way that they are constantly moving about in..

Delicious Hello Kitty Collection by Breadtalk

Hello Kitty is all set to tickle your tongue with delicious savories in Singapore. Famous Bakery BreadTalk has collaborated with Sanrio for an exciting series of Hello Kitty creations.