The Strongman Romper Suit gives your baby the chiseled abs they deserve

Babies are tiny delicate creatures, ones in need of the most care and protection. We don’t usually think of gyms, dumbbells and chiseled washboard abs in the same context as our itty bitty little babies. That’s exactly what makes the Strongman Romper Suit so hilarious! Every time you need reminding that your baby is stronger than it looks, or every time you just want your guests to fall over with laughter, pull out this awesome onesie that makes your baby look like he is sporting some killer muscles and a six-pack. This romper imparts your child with the “distinguished masculinity of a Victorian Strongman.” The comfortably soft polyester and spandex blend onesie features a design that makes it look like your baby is wearing a classic striped vest and weight belt. This design is courtesy of some photo realistic and high-quality printing. It also may or may not gift your baby super strength; however, it will give your baby super cuteness, guaranteed!

The Strongman Romper Suit is available for purchase at Firebox. It comes in three sizes – for babies aged 6 months, 12 months and 18 months, and retails for $31.

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