Apple Pie Cone: Reinventing the classic

Are you throwing a dinner party, and wondering what to serve your fussy guests for dessert? If you are looking for a fun and easy dessert that will wow your guests, look no further than The Apple Pie Cone by Nick from Dude Foods. As complicated and “chefy” as it looks, it is actually pretty simple to make. He uses readymade ingredients to simplify the task. Of course, you can always opt making it all from scratch; it’s really your choice. But seriously, it’s Apple Pie, in a cone! What’s not to love! We love that’s its portable. Now you can carry it in your lunchbox, and enjoy the sublime snack even during office hours! Pair it with your favorite ice cream, and you have an instant eye-catching, unique, convenient, and most importantly, delicious dessert at your disposal. Just a couple of ingredients and every day utensils you are bound to have at home and you are on your way to making the Apple Pie Cone.

The Apple Pie Cone by Nick from Dude Foods requires the most rudimentary understanding of kitchen basics. For the detailed instructions, log on to Nick’s official blog Dude Foods. While there, check out some of his other ingenious food ideas.

apple-pie-cone-2 apple-pie-cone-3

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