Brain with Blood Clot Cupcakes are the Ickiest ever

Cupcakes have always been wonderfully delightful to look at as much as they are to eat. This is a statement I won’t be able to repeat after today, and you won’t beg to differ once you’ve set your sights on the very pathetic-looking brain with blood clot cupcake. It looks terrible, I’m sure it wouldn’t taste bad but to know that for sure one is supposed to sink their teeth into this organ-like delicacy. It’s makes for the most awesome Halloween treat no two ways about it but any other time of the year I think it could be a great break-up gift with a card that reads, ” you chowed my brains out”!

This icky treat as expected is made by a physician with baking talents too. Obviously the recipe for the cake, frosting a filling can be your own just the method requires you to bake like a doctor. Make sure you ice it in two halves like hemispheres of a brain. G one step further and make a few a few vessels using red decorating gel. Gross!

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[Via – Annies-Eats]

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