Breakup candy ends a relationship on a sweet note

Most people incline to sugar, after a bitter breakup. Well, if you think that chocolate can ease the tautness for your soon to ex-lover, designer Kathy Mueller has created “Clean Break” candy. While I would love to send my ex some Japanese Toilet water candy, Kathy belives that flavors like Lemonheads, maple sugar candies, and a chocolate bacon bar can ease the breakup pain. Where most couples are moving to text massages to break up, this can be a sweet way to show some respect to your ex.

Kathy created the “Clean Break” candy for her graduate school project, which doubles as the final nail in a relationship’s coffin and one last gift to your soon-to-be ex. The packaging also has funny quotes like “Bacon and chocolate are a match made in heaven. . . You and me, not so much,” to lighten the moment. These sweets come with mad-lib style cards, allowing people to fill in what they want to say to their former lovers so that they can “break it off with taste”.

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We definitely applaud the Breakup candy idea, which is a better way to leave a relationship without using any mode of messaging.

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