The Eggs Font: Created out of real eggs!

The words Sunny Side Up have lost all meaning. Why settle for the boring old round fried egg when you can have something as spectacular as the Owl Shaped Egg. Similarly, why settle for boring old Times New Roman when all your words can be made up of eggs! Sounds weird? The Egg Font is a font made up of perfectly fried sunny side up eggs all shaped to look like the letters of the alphabet. Created by an Estonia-based company, the letters have been designed by frying actual eggs – a 1000 of them! it couldn’t have been easy making sure all the yolks remain perfectly round like that while trying to get them into weird shapes. It took a total of three hours, 1000 eggs, 10 pans, 1 bottle of oil and five burnt fingers to complete the whole typography set. The Eggs Font is available in the form of high resolution photos with a transparent background. The set contains letters, symbols and numbers.

The Eggs Font is available for purchase at Handmade Font for a price of $70. If you are in the market for some weird fonts, you will love all their other quirky work, including the Green Flower Font, Reed Font, Geo Font, etc.

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[Available at Handmadefont Via Foodbeast]

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