Eyeball Cake Pops for a spooky Halloween!


The unnerving time of the year is around the corner. And, it’s important to have a fun treat to serve at your Halloween Party. While I would like to server Blood Clot Cupcakes, this year, you can jazz up your Halloween with these Eyeball Cake Pops too. Created by Bakerella, these ghoulish eyeball cake pops look wonderful and are easy to make. After making a basic cake pop, you have to dip the end of your lollipop stick in some of the melted candy coating and insert into a chilled ball. Then insert cake pop into a bowl of melted coating so that the coating is about 3-4 inches deep. Then, before the coating sets, place a green candy coating wafer right on the front. Giving a creative finishing with some extra red and black edible ink pens, green candy coating, and some miniature confetti sprinkles. You can read the detailed recipe here.

The Eyeball Cake Pops by Bakerella can make your Halloween a popping affair!

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