Gachagacha Sushi RC Cars Make Meal Times Crazy

The Gachagacha Sushi RC Cars are about to change everything on your dining table. It’s going to change the way you eat by allowing you to not just play but race with your food. Gone are the days of good table manners as you can navigate these cuisine cars around the table, between cups and astonished diners. “Gachagacha” are capsule toys sold in special vending machines all over Japan. You’ve got shrimp, egg, tuna and sea urchin sushi on mini pods with tires waiting to burn.

The bottom of the capsule pods doubles as a controller for the sushi racer. The Gachagacha Sushi RC Cars can go forward plus do back turns! Set of four sushi cars come for $80.

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gachagacha-sushi-rc-car-2 gachagacha-sushi-rc-car-3

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